Helping A Friend – This time around, it’s a BIGGER event!

The last time I helped my friend Herosifu to run his tournament, it was an online event. It started off with just one event but, with the good response that he had received, he decided to do a second event. The response for both events was very good – with IM Mashafizul taking part in the first edition, and IM Yeoh Li Tian in the second edition making the event series two of the strongest online events in the Malaysian calendar for 2021. This time around – with the government easing the restriction for physical activities, Herosifu decided to up the ante and conduct an Over-The-Board event, and again, it will be an honor for me to help him out. While Herosifu may have organized an OTB event previously, this time around, it will be on a grander scale. So, here we are – at the onset of organizing and managing the grandest ever Herosifu Chess Academy Rapid Open Chess Tournament 2022, and what a big bang this would be!

Held at Hotel Tenera Bandar Baru Bangi, with a prize fund of more than RM6,300 and a running budget of more than RM20k, it will be one of the more anticipated events to start off the 2022 chess calendar in Malaysia. If this were to be used as a gauge for what is in store for the rest of the year, it will be a tough challenge for many of the independent organizers out there to match – the prize fund, the location, and the officials involved. For this event, Herosifu has decided to go with the most knowledgeable and experienced IA in the country – IA Abd Hamid Abd Majid as its Chief Arbiter.

The event is catered to attract 300 players and to date, a few of the top players in the country have voiced their interest to participate. Don’t be surprised if both our IMs at the Online edition will turn up to take part – a mouth-watering encounter it will be between the seasoned master and the young challenger! And to top it off, words also have it that even one or two “VIPs” have shown their interest to try their wit and prowess at the event which will make it one of the more colorful events to start off the calendar year!

The set up for the event will be similar to that of the Queen’s Gambit movie – players will play alongside the hotel corridor, foyer, and lobby, making it viewable from many angles. But of course, SOP for social distancing and crowd control will be enforced at all times. But with a bigger area for players to move around, the event has been set up so that it will not be too crampy or crowded to allow for good circulation and distancing.

More information for the event can be found by downloading the event brochures HERE. Those interested to play are advised to register early by CLICKING HERE. Entry fees have been set at RM100 for all Rated Players, and the closing date is 1st February 2022 (or once the registration hits 300 players) in order to comply with COS and KBS requirements.

Inquiries about the event can be forwarded to or

Come and join us!

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