HEROSIFU CHESS TOURNAMENT 2021 – Helping a Friend…..

I have known Ezmi Mahmood (dubbed Herosifu) circa 2009, when I was an active organizer and part of the management team at DATCC – the Dato Arthur Tan Chess Center, in Wilayah Complex. Then in 2013, I joined the same company as Ezmi ‘s and after a few transfers between department, we ended up working in the same department and at one time, even on the same floor. Throughout the years, we have had our differences but, we managed to put that aside for chess (and work – since we are in the same office) and continue to foster good friendship. And as funny as it may seem, Ezmi decided to quite his job in 2019 and a few months later, I also did the same thing. And we both quit our work for the one thing that we are passionate about – and that passion is CHESS…

While Ezmi took the path of opening up his own Herosifu Chess Academy, I ended up in the Federation. But many of our views about chess in Malaysia are similar – we wanted a more organized chess structure in Malaysia, quality over quantity, proper over haphazard, and of course, our dream of having a beautiful chess establishment that will be a one stop chess center. But of course, that would need money to run and as of now, it remains only as a dream.

When Ezmi called me to help run his event, I am more than happy to oblige and with that, I am calling upon friends and the chess community to support this inaugural online event that he is embarking on. For this event, the main objective is to foster camaraderie and friendship, and while the prizes are lucrative, we should also take note that chess is also about having fun, a few laughter between friends, and not getting worked up just because we are not able to play well. Its not about losing but its about learning to improve.

The Herosifu Chess Academy Online Chess Tournament 2021 is set to be held on Saturday, 26th June 2021 and will cover 9 rounds of play using 10 minutes + 2 seconds time control. More than RM2k is up for grabs with the winner setting to earn a cool RM500 for his/her effort. Entry fees are more than reasonable and prizes are a plenty. Come and join the event!

Click on the following to go to the registration page : https://forms.gle/yL9Ru6vQ2fjVHi6P8