Yeoh Chin Seng vs Najib Wahab (Labour Day 2010)

Playing a game with my friend Yeoh Chin Seng is not something that I can have the luxury of doing on a regular basis. We usually meet during the Malaysian Chess Festival and will start sparring over a few blitz game and the main theme of the meet would usually be King’s Gambit – a very tactical, exciting and nerve wrecking system. While Mr Yeoh would like to think that he is the better King’s Gambit player than I am, I sincerely feel that I have outplayed him more in our numerous encounters but for the sake of friendship, I have no issue to have him feeling like he was the better gambiteer.

While I was cleaning up my drawers recently, I came across a game which I had played with Chin Seng during a small tournament that was organized at DATCC – a tournament made possible by the effort of En Abdul Aziz Abdul Shukor and En Razali Hamzah. For the life of me, I am unable to recall such an encounter but when I saw the scoresheet and that I had beaten our former 1993 National Champion, I thought that it would be fun to share it on my blog. In the same tournament, a young 10 year old Yeoh Li Tian – Chin Seng’s son, also took part but for that one, I remembered that I lost to him. But somehow, I could not find the recordings of the game.

Anyways, this is all for fun and I hope Mr Yeoh does not take it the wrong way because at the end of the day, while he maybe our former National Champion and that his son may soon become our first Grandmaster, on 1st May 2010 – just slightly more than 10 years and 10 days ago, I was definitely the better player.